About Us

We possess true depths of wealth management experience, we are trained in the UK and have practised wealth management for over 25 years in various jurisdictions globally including the UK, Channel Islands, Switzerland, Gibraltar, Malta, Bermuda, BVI’s, St Kitts & Nevis, Mauritius and Seychelles. We offer professional consultative advice for your private and corporate financial affairs, we can advise on all aspects of wealth management and asset structuring however simple or complex they may be.

Our Services


We provide a truly consultative advisory service to a small, eclectic group of clients. We don’t just sell you products, we provide professional advice, sound recommendations and structure…

Wealth Management

Once you have established your goals and set out your objectives we will provide you with detailed recommendations in all areas of your family protection, business protection, retirement planning…


Our back office services are performed both locally in Seychelles and also in Mauritius by our strategic business partners Assethouse Limited. These services include but are not limited to …

Why Seychelles?


The Republic of Seychelles has a legal system based on the English Common Law, the Civil Code of Seychelles

Seychelles & Lifestyle

If the Seychelles is not the most beautiful picturesque, laid back place on earth then please tell us where is

Seychelles Taxation

The Seychelles has a relatively simple and generous tax system that deals with the taxation of both onshore